Spring is in the air again! This year, as part of your spring cleaning and summer preparations, make sure that you have a great cooling contractor to call for AC maintenance and repair. You’ll need to get your regular AC tune-up this year in order to ensure complete efficiency, and you’ll want to have an HVAC professional you can trust to help you in case of an AC repair emergency.

Approved Comfort is the Lake in the Hills AC service company for you. All of our professionals are highly skilled and continually trained in the most advanced techniques for improving your air conditioning performance. Our pricing is always upfront, so if you need an AC replacement or AC installation, you know you can trust our pros. Plus, we have a 24/7 call center for scheduling emergency service should you ever encounter AC failure! Approved Comfort is perfect for all of your summer temperature control needs.

In this blog, though, we’d like to focus in particular on one specific AC service every Lake in the Hills homeowner should be scheduling right away: a professional AC tune-up with the Approved Comfort maintenance specialists.

When Was the Last Time You Had Your AC Serviced?

Manufacturers and experts agree that every model of air conditioner, new and old, should receive maintenance at least once a year. This is because, without a professional to perform regular inspection and adjustments, AC’s start to collect dust, rust, and debris on their condenser coils, causing them to lose efficiency. Additionally, when filters become clogged and refrigerant levels start to run low, your AC performance can suffer.

These compounded issues can result in all of the following:

  • Higher Energy Bills
  • Poor Indoor Air Quality
  • Uneven Cooling Between Rooms
  • Complete AC Failure

Don’t risk losing heat this summer! An AC tune-up is an inexpensive, preemptive method for making sure you stay cool all summer long. The local Lake in the Hills AC service experts at Approved Comfort can provide AC tune-up services that will improve the air quality in your home (reducing allergies) and save you money on your monthly energy bills. Get cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable AC by requesting your own AC tune-up from Approved Comfort today!