Just as every homeowner is familiar with the creaks in his floors and which doors stick, he will also be aware of what the normal sounds of his air conditioner are. From the well-familiar clicks and whirrs to the steady hum of normal operation, when a homeowner hears their air conditioning making noise that is beyond normal it can prove to be somewhat disconcerting.

When you hear unusual sounds the first thing that you should do is to ensure that there is no smoke coming from the outdoor unit as smoke could indicate a much more serious problem. Turn off your air conditioning system and call in your licensed and trained professionals to help you approach your noise problem before it turns into a much larger problem.

Identifying The Type Of Sound

During your initial phone consultation with your air conditioning professional you may need to describe the sound that you are hearing. When your air conditioning making noise is also accompanied by unusual vibrations or smells then you should be sure to mention it to your AC professional. The more that your service professional knows the better prepared he will be to rapidly repair your problems for you.

There are several types of sounds that you may hear, including unusual clicking, a bubbling or running water sound, and a clanking sound. Any sound that is out of the ordinary may be reason for concern.

Resolving The Problem

It is very likely that your air conditioning making noise problem could be resolved by something as simple as removing leaves, twigs, and other debris from your outdoor compressor unit. When items get stuck into the unit, either through the forces of nature or the forces of your children, they can cause the fan blades to dislodge or simply make an unusual noise. If this is diagnosed as being your problem then you should ensure, on a going forward basis that you keep the area around your outdoor unit free and clear of weeds, brush, and other debris.

If your systems motor or its blades have become dislodged then your AC service professional might be able to simply adjust and secure them firmly to resolve the noise issue. However, if any damage has occurred during their being dislodged then you may find yourself with the need to replace several parts of your air conditioning system.

There are many other contributing factors to a noise problem with an air conditioner, including a problem with the fan cage being damaged (causing a rattling sound) or the air conditioners belts being broken (causing either a squealing or a flapping sound). Remember that it will take the considerable experience and training of an air conditioning service professional to not just rapidly identify your noise problem but to also resolve it in a timely manner.

In order to keep a small air conditioning making noise problem from spiraling into a much larger and much more expensive situation it is import that you address the situation as soon as you notice it. Your wallet will thank you!