Winter is an expensive season when it comes to heating your house and people are always looking for ways to cut those costs. Instead of turning the heat down in the winter time and suffering from uncomfortable conditions, the use of a whole-home humidifier can reduce your rising energy bills while creating a comfortable environment to live and breathe in. Humidity increases how warm the air feels much the opposite of dry air which will chap your skin and make it feel it colder than it actually is. In the winter time, when a humidifier is most needed, the cold, dry air forces residents to turn up their heat.

This makes energy bills skyrocket, especially if you use oil for heating purposes, and there is little reason to pay the premium when an appliance like a humidifier is readily available.Depending on your climate, you should be able to save one percent to two percent on your heating bills for each degree that you lower your furnace or heat pump thermostat setting. For residents who use oil to heat their homes especially, this can add up to hundreds of dollars saved for an appliance that generally costs between $150 and $300 to purchase. Even gas heating units will save significant energy alongside a humidifier. Humidifiers can provide the moisture-starved winter air in your home the proper levels of humidity to make it feel warmer than it may actually be without forcing you to turn up the heat or feel uncomfortable. Finding the right size humidifier is important as it is wise to install one in the room(s) that you spend the most time in. Right sizing your humidifier unit can avoid unnecessary energy usage and save money on your heating bill.

There is a cooling effect when the water from the humidifier evaporates, so running the humidifier will actually cool a rooms air slightly. Another benefit of whole-home humidifier is that the heat generated from the humidifiers electricity usage offsets this slight cooling effect. By reducing the chilling effect of the evaporation of skin moisture, the humidifier creates a healthy environment in addition to energy savings. Not only do humidifiers provide healthy, energy-efficient air, the moisture they add to dry air also helps reduce static electricity and maintain hardwood floors, cabinets and furniture. Many new humidifiers come with this automatic control humidistat that will also decrease energy bills and usage. This is why using digital humidity gauges rather than dial type gauges to check the humidity is recommended. This allows you to control the humidity level of your home when you want to adjust it and to turn it down when humidity is redundant. Humidifier units make it easier for you to be comfortable in harsh winter conditions while saving you money on your heating bill.