7 Split Air Conditioning System Benefits

As the name indicates, split air conditioner systems are split into two or more units. Typically, one component is located inside the building, and the other component is located outside. A split system has a compressor outside, located either on the ground or on a bracket hung on a wall. Some systems have multiple indoor units connected to a single compressor.

These types of systems have several benefits. A few of these benefits are listed below.

Ease of installation

Split air conditioning systems do not need ductwork installed, so they are very simple to set up. An indoor unit can be located as much as 100 feet away from the outdoor condenser, yet all that is required to connect them is a small hole for control wiring and tubing. The condenser unit can even be placed on a flat section of a roof, if one is available.

Ease of maintenance

Because split air conditioning systems have washable filters and need only periodic, routine cleaning, they are extremely easy to maintain. Outdoor units are specifically designed to provide easy access for repair and maintenance.

Quiet operation

The indoor component of a split air system operates so quietly, it can be used in a boardroom, classroom, library or bedroom. Outdoor components can be installed near a window or patio so they will not disturb anyone.


Most split systems provide complete climate control, including heating, so they can provide year-round comfort.

Cost effectiveness

Because a split system is designed to cool or heat air in specific areas of a home at specific times of a day, they can provide substantial energy savings over a central air system. For example, you can use a split system to cool a living room during the day and a bedroom at night. These systems distribute air much more precisely than central systems, so you save energy and ultimately money.

Ease of use

Typically, split systems come with a remote control and a wall mounted thermostat, making it easy and convenient to control temperature.

Aesthetic benefits

Split systems blend well with nearly any indoor dcor.There are several other advantages split systems have over other air conditioning systems. Talk to an AC professional to find out how a split system can meet your cooling and heating needs.