Furnace Serviced in South Elgin, IL

Approved Comfort received customer call for annual maintenance on seven-year-old Nordyne furnace. Upon inspection, technician found furnace in good operating condition, with clean washable filter installed by customer. Hot water heater inaccessible due to location in mobile home. Detail, cleaning and safety inspection of furnace was completed by technician and unit determined to be in good operative order.

Clogged Dryer Vent Cleaned in South Elgin, IL

Approved Comfort technician cleaned out a customer’s clogged six-year-old dryer vent. Job completed, system determined to be clear and free from debris.

Shaking Furnace Found in South Elgin, IL

Approved Comfort responded to customer call for ten-year-old roof top unit system not operating properly. Technician arrived on site to find system shaking and vibrating and ducts making a helicopter sound. Technician shut down system and performed inspection and replacement of blower wheel, bearings and shaft. Four furnace filters were also replaced. Job completed and system determined to be operating efficiently.