A clothes dryers venting is arguably the most critical element to the appliances overall efficient operation. Here is some quick information that will give you more of an idea of the role the venting plays in making a dryer work properly.


The obvious function of a dryer is to eliminate moisture that is recovered during the heating of wet clothing. The warm air that a dryer produces holds that moisture as humidity, and that humidity is supposed to be expelled outside through the dryers venting. But if this air is not adequately removed, the clothes dryer will not be able to dry the clothes properly

This moisture can also condense into pools of water in the venting, and eventually leak out. If your dryer is showing signs of moisture accumulation inside its ductwork, that probably means your vents are not working the way they should. Schedule an appointment with Approved Comfort so one of our trained and licensed technicians can look at your dryer and perform a vent cleaning if necessary.


Many dryer models today have a one-time thermal fuse or safety device that is not designed to be reset. This device will open if either the dryer vent is not properly installed, or if it becomes blocked for some reason. If this takes place, the driver will not be able to heat, and the safety device will have to be reset. There are some dryer models typically, ones that run on gas where a failure of one of these thermal fuses will result in the dryer not operating at all.

There are some older models that do not come with a thermal safety device. If the venting accompanying one of these models should become obstructed or not function properly for whatever reason, the dryer will cycle on its safety thermostat instead of its temperature control thermostat. As a result, this will lead to poor drying and possibly overheating as well.

If your dryer is not operating the way it should, call Approved Comfort as soon as you can to have a technician find the source of the problem and get your dryer back to top working condition.