Its 7 oclock on Sunday morning and you walk into the kitchen to start breakfast for your family. You suddenly realize that your three year old is standing in a pool of water in your living room. With a sinking feeling you realize that your water heater must have sprung a severe leak and needs to be replaced, and fast! Faced with an emergency water heating installation what do you do? Who do you call?

Calling in a professional who is familiar with the emergency situation that you are facing is the best way to get things handle as quickly as possible.

The dispatcher that you speak to will provide you with an approximate time window when you can expect your service technician to arrive; while you are talking to the dispatcher they may ask you for information related to the model and the serial number from your leaking water heater tank in order to ensure that the technician is able to bring a replacement tank that will fit your current water heating system. If you can have this information on hand prior to placing your call, you will be able to save a significant amount of time in the process.

  • When your service professional arrives at your home he will get straight to work and inspect the site of your water heater so that he can see what he is dealing with for this emergency water heating installation job.
  • He will perform a few simple tests in order to ensure that your current water heater site is compatible with the water heater that he has brought with him and also to ensure that your current situation complies with city and state safety codes and regulations.
  • Once your service professional has determined his course of action for your installation he will discuss it with you and provide you with a service contract that will detail everything that he is going to be doing in your home. Your agreement and signature will be required prior to him starting the emergency water heating installation process.
  • Unless your situation requires specialized and extensive work in order to bring your water heating system up to meet safety requirements, you can expect your installation to take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.

It is important to note that some cities and counties require a work permit for the installation of a water heater. In the case of an emergency water heating installation it is understood that the situation is an emergency and cannot wait for the application, processing, and acceptance of the required permit. The cost of your permit will be included in the total of your bill and your service technician will be able to apply for the permits as soon as possible after the installation has been completed. An inspection will often be required by the city in order to ensure that the installation was done safely and correctly. If your emergency water heating installation is not inspected, you may find that it affects the potential resale value of your property should you put it on the market.