Tank flushing will prevent sediment from building up


You may be wondering if having your water heater serviced is really that important. Trust us – it is.

Having a professional come in to flush your unit, clean the burner assembly, and perform an all around safety inspection will prevent sediment from building up in your tank. This is important because if too much sediment gets built up, it will cause your tank to leak, resulting in you needing a replacement.

A maintenance check done by one of our Approved Comfort professionals serves as preventative maintenance, and can give you a peace of mind.

But, if you want to be even more certain you’ll consistently have a hot water heater that’s working, you can perform some maintenance checks on your own:

1. Check the pressure valve: Pull the trip lever on valve. You should hear a slight rush of air or see some water exit through the valve. If you don’t drain the tank and replace the valve.
2. Flush the tank: This is one of the tasks a technicians will perform, but you can do it if you so choose. Open the pressure relief valve and the drain valve and allow the tank to drain completely.
3. Light the pilot: Many times not having hot water is a result of the pilot light going out. It would be beneficial to check on it every now and again to ensure it’s not out. If it does go out, simply relight it.
4. Wait to turn on an electric water heater’s power: The most common electric water heater’s problem is turning on the power before the tank is completely full of water. If this happens, the upper heating element will burn out and you’ll have no hot water until it’s replaced.


If you would like to schedule your water heater maintenance, don’t hesitate to call Approved Comfort today!