Manufacturers are developing a variety of new technologies in water heating products and systems to meet the demands of homeowners who want greater convenience and lower energy bills and to comply with new federal energy efficiency standards for such products, which go into effect in 2015.

Lower your Energy Bills with Advances in Water Heater Technology

Among the technologies helping to advance water heater innovation are condensing gas-fired systems and heat pump technology. Manufacturers are also incorporating solar and geothermal equipment into product lines as these technologies move into the mainstream. These changes are creating new and innovative products that encourage contractors to have conversations with their customers about how water heating has evolved and can make a significant difference in the home to create greater savings and meet their changing needs.

With new technologies, manufacturers want consumers to think more proactively about water heating products so they can make more informed decisions about selecting the optimal water heater for their needs. Planned replacements also allow the consumer to financially prepare for the purchase and give the plumber/contractor enough time to order the higher efficiency unit.

A hybrid electric water heater model featuring heat pump technology will offer new energy saving technologies, enhanced comfort algorithms, and the hybrid industry’s first color touch screen LCD display. This easy-to-use, interactive touch screen display, similar to those found on other popular consumer electronics, will provide homeowners greater insight into their water heating energy usage and tools to maximize energy savings.

Another major manufacturer has introduced a new line of gas water heaters that it says costs less to operate and heats water more than 40 percent faster than current models. These new units reportedly have a first hour rating of 90 gallons for a 50-gallon tank, meaning homeowners get three times the amount of hot water in an hour than what the tank actually holds.

Solar systems expand

Manufacturers are increasingly offering solar and hybrid solar systems to meet demand in certain markets. The tanks typically have some type of additional system that keeps water hot when the sun isnt shining, or during periods of high demand. One major manufacturer has expanded its solar heating products to more than 30 models.

The competitive nature of our industry means that manufacturers are constantly introducing new, more energy-efficient options. Every company wants to stand out from the crowd and launching improved technologies is a surefire way to get noticed.