Heat pumps in Crystal Lake are items you should definitely write down on your holiday wish list. While furnaces and boilers can certainly supply you with ample heating for the whole family, heat pumps will give you an additional layer of comfort that is both effective and efficient. Unlike other heating systems, heat pumps use a tiny amount of energy to produce heat, saving you money on energy bills in the process. However, there may come a point where they need to be fixed, especially now since we’re entering the coldest months of the year.

Fortunately, Approved Comfort is here to provide you top-notch repair service for heat pumps in Crystal Lake. After all, we’re not just Approved Comfort in name; our technicians always go the extra mile to ensure you have heat pump that keeps the whole family comfortable. As we advance into the winter months, we’re making it our mission that no home across Crystal Lake goes without heating for the season. We’ll make sure your heat pump is ready to go to provide with heating as the temperatures go below freezing!

What Repairs May You Need?

While there are certainly numerous things that can bring trouble to your heat pump, our heating experts can take care of all of it. No challenge is too great for them to handle. In fact, here are a few common repairs our technicians can handle with ease:

  1. Condenser Malfunction: Of all your technical problems, the condenser is vital to the air cooling process that occurs inside your heat pump and if it fails, it may impact your home’s atmosphere for the worst. The most common causes of condenser failure are faulty wiring or dirty evaporator coils. This problem will require the team at Approved Comfort to replace the condenser, fix the poor connections or clean the coils.
  2. Faulty Blowers: The blower component of your heat pump is responsible for moving air into your home after it has been cooled. The technicians at Approved Comfort can carefully inspect the blower on your heat pump and address any replacements or repairs that are needed to get it up and running again.
  3. Burned or Frayed Wires: The wiring inside your heat pump ensures all components are connected and running in harmony. They can become damaged due to a power surge, rodent activity or poor installation. At Approved Comfort, we can inspect all electrical connections and replace faulty or damaged wiring as needed.
  4. Damaged Fans: A heat pump with a damaged fan may prevent you from using your heat pump altogether. With the passage of time or heavy use, fan blades can deteriorate or the capacitor that powers the fan can fail. We will check to make sure your fan is in working order and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

Contacts Approved Comfort today if you need repairs for any heat pumps in Crystal Lake. We’re always glad to help!