Having hot water is one thing, but you must find the right warranty that will support your tank water heater before anything else. A water heaters warranty can usually be checked at each water heater manufacturers website; you will need to get your serial number from the side of the water heater tank. Most basic warranties are typically six years on the tank and six years on the other parts.

Tank leaking: If your water heater starts to leak within the tank warranty period, the manufacturer needs to be contacted. The manufacturer will either have you choose a contractor to replace your water heater by exchanging it at a local supplier, or they will send out their own pre-selected contractors. Either way, your entire water heater will be replaced, and you will still be responsible for the labor regardless of who replaces it. See your manufacturer website or water heater literature for the exact procedure you need to follow. If you have any questions your welcome to give us a call at Approved Comfort and we would be glad to help you.

Bad controls or elements: Should there be a broken or bad part, the manufacturer will probably pay for the part(s) only. You will be more than likely be required to pay for the labor portion of the bill, which is normally the largest part. The thermostats on an electric water heaters rarely fail, if they do they will usually make the red reset button pop out. Heating elements on electric water heaters do fail more often, they usually show this by a lack of hot water or no hot water at all. For gas water heaters the most likely part to fail is the thermocouple.

Extended warranties: Most manufacturers of water heater have some sort of extended warranty that can last up to 10 years. These warranties typically cost more than $100 and still only provide tank or part replacements. Labor is never included in extended warranties. In most cases, the water heater you receive is usually the same water heater as the five- or six-year warranty.

If you have any questions regarding how water heater warranties work, please call Approved Comfort at (815) 219-7102.