Eliminate Painful Static Shocks with Whole Home Humidifiers

Static electricity is a potentially harmful and dangerous electric shock that occurs most often in dry air. Static electricity is the buildup of electrical charges on the surface of non-conducting materials, such as a cotton shirt or a wooden table. Ordinary household static can have voltages many times greater than the homes electrical system. A static shock is not ordinarily dangerous, though, because the current is comparatively low. Carpets in new homes can produce tremendous amounts of static and lots of sparks. In addition, even peoples physiological makeup, how they walk and the shoes they wear can also influence the amount of static electricity in a given home. Many residents have static problems, especially in the winter when the indoor air is very dry.

During winter time the outside cold air is heated to room temperature and thiscold air has a much lower carrying capacity for water than warm air, in other words it is much drier and far less humid. This causes the relative humidity in your house to plummet, causing sore throats, irritated skin as well as static electricity. Relative humidity is a measure of how much humidity is in the air as a percentage compared to how much humidity the air can hold. Since air is much drier in the winter it only increases the frequency and severity of electric shocks. Using a humidifier can provide moisture to the dry, static air that we experience each winter.

Static electricity may create sparks and shocks,and cause materials to cling together. Although it is harmless most of the time, under the right circumstances, this electricity can cause significant damage to life and property. This includes fires and explosions, nuisance shocks and damage to delicate electronic equipment. While typically harmless, nuisance shocks have happened to all of us and are most definitely annoying and tedious if occurring repeatedly. When the air is humid, water molecules collect on the surfaces of household materials, which prevent this buildup of electrical charges. As far as equipment is concerned, even mild static discharges may be powerful enough torender a computer inoperable, or evenerase its hard drive. Whole-home humidifiers can rectify this issue by providing the correct amount of moisture into the air whenever needed. Keeping the air moist prevents static electricity and a host of allergies and bacteria to contaminate your homes air. In the winter time, it is generally recommended that relative humidity in a home is between 38% and 45% and static electricity will usually be prevented with levels between 40% and 50%. The winters dry, cold outdoor air can quickly drop indoor relative humidity by 10 or 20%.

To help ensure that static-friendly conditions are avoided, it is important to humidify your air space to the proper levels. It should be noted that too much humidity can cause more serious problems such as mold growth. Humidifiers with automatic control, or humidistats, are recommended to best control your homes humidity level. Generally, humidifiers fall into one of two categories, power and bypass and both are effective at producing humidity and fighting off static electricity in your home.