When it comes to summer, there are few things worse than retreating inside your air conditioned home only to find your trusty A/C blowing hot air all over the place. If it that does happens though, there is no need to panic. Often, an air conditioner producing warm or hot air simply requires a few minor adjustments or a thorough cleaning. Here is a handy troubleshooting table to help you determine what is causing the malfunction and how you can get it your A/C producing cool air once again:

Potential Cause Course of Action Suggested Solution
Tripped circuit breaker Check your breaker box Reset circuit breaker
Thermostat off or set incorrectly Make sure thermostat is on and set to desired temperature Turn thermostat on or reprogram temperature setting
Indoor unit running, but outdoor unit is not Check set temperature on thermostat Call Approved Comfort. In the mean time, turn off your thermostat for 1-3 hours to see if it will reset on its own

If none of the above work, there are a couple more things you can do to turn your sweltering sitting room back into an ice palace:

  • Close your windows and doors. No matter how hard your air conditioner is working to keep your house comfortable, if all that cool air escapes through open doors and windows.
  • Have your refrigerant checked. If the refrigerant inside your air conditioner doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s specifications, it won’t perform as it was designed to. An Approved Comfort service technician can check or correct refrigerant levels.

If you’ve tried everything is this guide without success, there is one more thing you can do before throwing in the towel and calling us to find the problem for you. Over time or with heavy use, the inside of your air conditioning unit can become built up with dirt and grime, causing it to malfunction and become unable to cool air. Here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning your air conditioner:

  1. Switch the unit’s power off near the outdoor compressor. It is also important to the cleaning process that you disconnect the unit from its main electrical panel.
  2. Remove any outside debris (leaves, twigs or branches) that could block air flow to the outdoor condensing unit.
  3. Use a screwdriver to remove the protective grate and top cover from the condensing unit.
  4. Using a soft brush, loosen all dirt and debris from the condensing unit’s fins. Before moving on, use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment to remove the loosened dirt and debris.
  5. Cover the motor and wiring inside the unit with a garbage bag. Once all the motorized and electrical components are fully and securely covered, spray the condensing unit’s fins with a garden hose.
  6. Check your air conditioning owner’s manual to see if your unit requires lubrication. If it does, spray lubricant on the motor.
  7. Reassemble the unit. Reattach the electrical connections at the main panel and at the compressor. After letting the A/C run for a few minutes, check the two pipes connecting the air handler to the condenser. If everything went well, one pipe should feel cool, while the other should feel warm.

If you tried all of the above suggestions and your air conditioner is still producing what feels like a hot desert wind, it is probably time to contact us at Approved Comfort. The sooner you take care of your malfunctioning A/C, the sooner you can get back to basking in its cooling breeze.