If you’ve been meaning to get your air conditioner serviced for weeks and you suddenly realize the first snowflakes are starting to fall outside, then there’s no reason to panic. Because contrary to what many people believe, the best time of year to get your AC serviced is during the winter. Here’s why:

  1. It’s much easier to get an appointment than during the summer. In the summertime, HVAC technicians are booked solid. People are running their ACs all day and night, so they need maintenance and emergency visits. Oftentimes, you’re lucky if you can get an appointment within two weeks—and then you’re usually working within the technician’s schedule, not your own. During the winter, scheduling isn’t a problem, since most homeowners typically don’t give their ACs much thought until it’s time to use them again. You’ll be able to schedule a maintenance call at a time that’s convenient for you.
  2. Your home doesn’t need cooling. This might seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is that few people realize how uncomfortable it can be if their AC is off for even a couple of hours in the heat of the summer. Of course, in an ideal world, the technician will be done in an hour or so, but it can always take longer. During the winter, this isn’t a problem, since your home won’t need cooling.
  3. You won’t run up your energy bills if you need to wait for parts. If your air conditioner is an older model and needs repairs, you might have to wait for parts to be ordered. However, without repairs, the appliance becomes less energy efficient, which means that every minute you use it is more expensive compared to when it’s in good shape. During the summer, you’ll have to run the AC anyway, which results in higher energy bills until the AC is repaired. In the winter, however, you’re not using your AC at all, so its energy efficiency won’t affect your energy bills.
  4. If your AC is beyond repairs, you’ll have plenty of time to shop for a replacement. In the unfortunate event that your air conditioner isn’t worth repairing, the technician will advise you to replace it. If this happens during the summer, you’ll be in a rush to get a new AC installed as soon as possible, which means you won’t have a lot of time to shop around and find the best deals. But during the cold months, you’ll have plenty of time to look into your options; plus, you’re more likely to get a good deal on a replacement model.
  5. Many HVAC contractors offer special winter deals and savings. Since winter is a slow time for AC maintenance, you can often find special deals on maintenance and installation that you don’t find when it’s 90° Fahrenheit outside.

Now you know why it’s best to get your AC serviced in winter, it’s still important to make sure you hire an HVAC technician with a proven track record of satisfied customers. So before you schedule an appointment, check the contractor’s reviews and Better Business Bureau listing, and only move forward if you’re confident this person will do a good job.

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